Staff Directory

Employee Position Phone
Eugenia Newman Columbus Office Customer Service Representative 614-436-7200
Brenda Bryans Chillicothe Office Manager/Trading Post 740-772-6887
Monica Pratt Portsmouth Office Manager/Trading Post 740-354-2811
Jeffrey Schiavone Director of Field Services 614-310-1327
Ryan Thompson Field Director 614-310-1332
Allison Cramer Field Services Administrative Assist. 614-310-1335
Megan Puet Registrar 614-310-1553
Open District Director, Southern Area (Chief Logan) 740-772-6887
Rich Braessler Licking District Director 614-310-1541
Alex Pukos Darby Creek District Executive 614-310-1334
Kendrick Ertley Chief Logan District Executive 740-772-6887
Chas Kenawell Buckeye District Director 614-310-1544
Liz Handler Buckeye District Executive 614-310-1339
Open Chief Tarhe District Executive 614-436-7201
Patrick Higgins District Director 614-310-1567
Hannah Clark Delaware District Executive 614-310-1543
Derek Walden Arrowhead District Executive 614-310-1338
Megan Valone Ohio Valley District Executive 614-310-1565
Tonya Sharp Capital City District Executive 614-436-7204
Johnnie Davis Capital City District Executive 614-436-7203
Bill Locke Tri-Creek District Executive 614-310-1542
Reese Bentley Tecumseh District Executive 740-354-2811
Kayla Drieth Workforce Development Executive 614-310-1566
Open Workforce Development Director 614-310-1567
Ryan Bauman Director of Camping Services 614-310-1554
Phil Smith Facilities Director 740-548-5502
Chris Wiseman Program Director 614-310-1337
Val Ashburn Camping & Program Assistant 614-310-1336
Roy Niedzielski Chief Logan Reservation Ranger 740-702-2279
Denny Gray Camp Falling Rock Ranger 740-745-5327
Phil Smith Properties Manager/Camp Lazarus Ranger 740-548-5502
Matt Taylor Camp Oyo Operations Director 740-858-1801
Jen Koma Director of Development & Marketing 614-310-1333
Cassie Ferguson Community Relations & Marketing Director 614-310-1323
Susan Emerson Development Director 614-310-1324
Marshall Long Senior Development Director 614-310-1322
Natalie McEntee Donor Relations Coordinator 614-310-1328
Christopher Zachrich Computer Systems Specialist 614-310-1325
Nicole Green Marketing Intern 614-310-1326
Kris Ehmke Director of Fiscal Operations 614-310-1319
Lisa Demopolis Accounting Assistant 614-310-1330
Jeff Moe Scout Executive/CEO 614-310-1329
Terri Hearn Assistant to the Scout Executive 614-310-1331