2016 Popcorn Swapping Message Board

Looking for popcorn? Looking to get rid of it? Looking to save yourself a trip to our warehouse on a Saturday? This is the spot to post your excess inventory, wants, needs, and desires. Connect with local packs/troops/crews to get you what you need to keep your sale moving forward. Use this as a message…

Welcome to the SKC Popcorn info page! Check back regularly for updates

Greetings all!

Another successful popcorn sale is behind us! Hopefully your Pack/Troop made a nice chunk of money to help fund your Scouting adventures for the year!

A special tip of the hat goes to the “Best of the Best”- The Top-10 Sellers of delicious Boy Scout Popcorn in 2016:

Andrew H.- Darby Creek Pack 90

Joshua Y.- Darby Creek Pack 90

Xander K.- Tecumseh Pack 1

David J.- Delaware Troop 428

Max F.- Arrowhead Pack 966

Owen T.- Delaware Pack 843

Evan L.-Delaware Pack 843

Benjamin C.- Arrowhead Troop 700

Christopher R.- Delaware Troop 387

Jackson K.-Arrowhead Pack 968

A job well done! These Scouts will be sitting in a luxury suite at the Columbus Blue Jackets “Scout Night” game on March 25th!

Speaking of which, if you had a Scout sell over $1,500 worth of popcorn, they earned two free tickets to the CBJ “Scout Night” game mentioned above.  It is up to the families of qualifying Scouts to fill out the ticket request form at www.bluejackets.com/popcorn.

Each family with a qualifying Scout must fill out this separate form from the CBJ to get their two free tickets. Popcorn Kernels, don’t fill out the CBJ form for your Scouts. It should be done by the family of the sellers. Info for purchasing additional tickets can be found at the CBJ link.  This must be completed by Tuesday, February 28th!

As always, let me know if you have any questions! If you have any questions regarding ticketing process contact Leah Cover directly at 614-246-3976 or lcover@bluejackets.com.


As always, let me know if you have any questions!


Information coming soon!

Making sure you have all the information you need to run a successful popcorn sale is important to us.  Let us know how we can help you.