Marketing Toolbox


Marketing is an effective tool to help deliver consistent and effective messages from the council. Having consistent BSA brand logos, typeface, and overall presentation of the brand are essential to maintaining the Scouting brand identity.  It is  important to put the appropriate logos on all council publications and flyers. A picture of a leaf on a fall Cub Scout flyer may be a festive touch, but the Cub Scout flyer must be included on the flyer, especially if non-scouting families are going to see the flyer. Please take a moment to review the brand identity guide to learn how to use the Scouting logos and appropriate type font. We have also included BSA branded Powerpoint templates for Scouting-related presentations. If you have any questions, please contact Simon Kenton Council and we will be happy to help you.

Brand Ambassador logo

What will the MVP’s do?

Contribute to social media or the Scouter newsletter

Speak publicly (Scout Sunday, state and county fairs, University of Scouting)

Post to an ambassador message board

Recruit others to the program

Provide feedback to Council staff (proactively when they hear concerns or positive feedback, and also when asked to be part of a focus group)

Training held Thursday, April, 2nd, 6 PM, Northwest Christian Church in Upper Arlington



To be an emissary of Scouting’s promise, inspiring youth and community awareness

 with the opportunity and rewards of Scouting.

BSA registered adults and Scouts who have achieved first class rank or higher

Attend brand ambassador training

Take a pledge

Be active on SKC social media (at least quarterly)

Recruit others to the program

MVP pin

Recognition (maybe at Silver Beaver lunch or a special reception?)

Access to early information from SKC – could be through a message board or newsletter – what’s in the works at SKC? Be in the know.

Quarterly e-newsletter (events MVPs can attend, Scout success stories to share, talking points on upcoming events, BSA news)

Pocket card with tips/conversation starters on it

Satisfaction of helping Scouting succeed!

Register Here

For more information contact: Cassie Ferguson at or Deanna Biros at