2017 September Roundtable Wrap-up

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Stay Informed Attend Roundtable

Had a great roundtable this month. Lots of attendees, loads of fun. If you missed this month, don’t worry, we hold roundtable the first Thursday of every month. Be sure to get out to the October roundtable and bring your favorite food dish for our foodie showdown. Winner will get a dutch oven!

Cooking at Darby Creek Roundtable

After announcements we all headed out to the parking lot for some camp cooking craziness. Troops teamed up with Packs and were provided with ingredients but had to come up with their own culinary creations.  It was a Scouter tailgate party. Leah Slawson did a great job bringing it all together. Special thanks to Zach and Tom for bringing the large propane grills and that awesome wash stand.

Fall is such a great time for Scouting and we don’t want you to miss out on any events or training opportunities. Attending roundtable is a great way to discover all the wonderful things going on. We at district understand with today’s busy schedules it isn’t always possible to attend. Listed below are links to PDF versions of the many event and training flyers that are frequently only available at roundtable.




Darby Creek District Committee wants all Scouters to be trained and informed. It is our hope that providing this information electronically will help all Scouters provide the best possible Scouting program to our youth. Have a wonderful Fall Scouting season and I hope to see you at the October roundtable!

Yours in Scouting,

Michael Wood
Cubscout Roundtable Commissioner
Darby Creek District

Author: Michael Wood