2018 January Roundtable Wrap-up

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Happy New Year and welcome to a new year in Scouting!

Here’s hoping everyone had a wonderful holiday season. Now that season is winding down it’s time to get back in the swing of things, including attending roundtable. As a district, we are doing a very poor job with roundtable attendance. Ideally we’d like to see at least two representatives from every pack, troop and crew attending each roundtable every month.

It also keeps us from rewarding many of our excellent volunteers as many awards require the scouter to attend at least 4 roundtables per year OR the University of Scouting. Speaking of University of Scouting, it’s rapidly approaching (Jan. 20th) and there is still time to register, so get those registrations processed. The flyer is below. I’d prefer to see everyone at roundtable, (I might be biased.) but getting out to University of Scouting will also fill that requirement for many Scouter awards.

You need to fill out those volunteer award recommendation forms and get them turned in. We need these to recognize your volunteers at the awards dinner. The dinner will be held May 3rd, but don’t wait because a lot has to happen to get those awards printed.

If you haven’t completed your unit recharter you are running out of time. Please make contact and get that done by the end of January or sooner.

You need to contact Jeff Myers to schedule your Friends of Scouting presentations. Sooner is better as the pledge cards allow the person to spread out payments over the course of the year. More months mean smaller payments!

Our district executive, Alex Pukos has left scouting to further his career. We always lose the good ones to the headhunters. Patrick Higgins will be our executive pro tem until a replacement can be found. We wish Alex all the best in his new role at a software firm in Dublin, OH.

Also wanted to take a moment and thank Cece Lynch for filling in for Leah and Jeff Leach for filling in for me. Being a cubmaster, I didn’t get to see the Boy Scout topic on effective committees/PLC’s, but Jeff did a wonderful presentation on earning the religious emblem of your faith and how to present that to ones own pack. I always left religious awards up to each family, but after hearing Jeff’s ideas and his success stories, I may try to get more religious awards earned during our meeting times. If you’d like to try that as well, check out Programs of Religious Activities with Youth (P.R.A.Y.) to order age appropriate workbooks for every domination on the planet to help work through those requirements. Jeff has also graciously offered his help to anyone that needs direction.

I hope to see you February 1st where we’ll talk about disability awareness with Melinda Comstock. Here are the current flyers from the January roundtable:

2018-National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT)


Yours in Scouting,

Michael Wood
Cubscout Roundtable Commissioner
Darby Creek District

Author: Michael Wood