Ethan’s Giving Tree


Visit the Scout Shop now through December 10 to gift gear to Scouts in need in your own council!
Visit the Scout Shop at the SKC Leadership Development Center for more information.

Common questions & answers:

Can we pick a unit in our District to give too? You may pick a unit, but the council has units already identified in the Scout Reach program where we allocate uniforms, books, insignia, advancement, etc.

Can we give to a family we know in Scouting? There are also individual families that need assistance, but to not make them feel uncomfortable, we do not disclose their information and they fill out a uniform assistance form and turned into the DE.

Is there certain need? Uniform shirts are always helpful and a big need with our Scout Reach units.

Would this replace our FOS gift? No, this is a separate initiative that supports Scouts in our council by giving a Scout gear gift to another Scout in need through December 19th, 2015.