Buckeye Update

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As mentioned above, close to 1,000 youth participate in Simon Kenton Council’s ScoutReach program.  Through this special program, youth in our most at-risk areas of central Ohio are delivered the full Scouting program at little to no cost to the Scout’s family.  Through stipend program aids, the ScoutReach program is delivered to Scouts after school in partnership with Columbus City Schools.


Since access to healthy foods is of greatest concern to those living in low income areas, education on developing good eating habits at a young age is most important.  In partnership with Bob Evans, ScoutReach youth will be delivered the Bob Evans Healthy Eating Poster Project and ultimately earn their Nutrition Belt Loop.


To broaden the reach of the program even greater, Simon Kenton Council would offer the Bob Evans Healthy Eating Poster Project to Cub Scouts attending our annual Fall Shoot-O-Ree.  This popular event welcomes new and returning Scouts to the program a delivers a full weekend of family fun at our most popular Scout camp, Camp Lazarus in Delaware.  More than 2,500 youth and their families attend the Fall Shoot-O-Ree and many are hoping to earn their first Cub Scout recognition.  By offering the Bob Evans Healthy Eating Poster Project, Cub Scouts will be able to earn their Nutrition Belt Loop and take home the project they created featuring Bob Evans.


Author: SKC Marketing