Counselor in Training (CIT)

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One of the wonderful things about Simon Kenton Council Camps is that the vast majority of the staff members are former campers. It is common for many Scouts, after experiencing the friendship and dedication of our summer camp staff, to want to return for additional weeks in camp and eventually become staff members themselves. A well-constructed counselor-in-training program maintains the quality of the camp staff. Over ninety percent of the staff has gone through at least one year of this two-year program.   At our camps, CIT’s are not junior staff members. They are in a fun, rewarding and challenging training program, not a free labor pool. There is a Staff Trainer whose full-time job is to work with the CIT’s.

Counselor-In-Training – Part A  

Scouts, who are at least 14 years old as of June 1st are eligible for CIT-A. This one-week program is a combination of a leadership training program and a behind-the-scenes tour of camp. In various sessions, Scouts learn such skills from how to throw together a hilarious skit in ten minutes to how to effectively help a scout learn a skill over the course of a week. The CIT’s also learn about the Aims and Methods of Scouting and how we use such ideas as the patrol method in summer camp operations. Participating in initiative games or developing a crazy and original name, flag, handshake and song with the other members of the CIT-A patrol, Scouts learn more about camp and about Scouting. The cost for this one-week program is $100.

Counselor-In-Training – Part B

Scouts, who are at least 15 years old as of June 1st and who have taken CIT-A, are eligible for CIT-B. This two-week program builds on the training gained in CIT-A and gives the Scouts a chance to spend time in each of the areas of camp, learning more of what it would be like to work on staff. They are expected to “Set the Example” not only for the Scouts and leaders of the troops in camp, but also for the CIT-A’s. This time is an excellent opportunity for these Scouts to get an idea of where they would like to potentially serve the next year as a staff member. Since it is a camp training program, it is also the last time for many of these boys to experience camp without the responsibilities of being a camp staff member. The cost for this two-week program is $200.

Before you complete and submit this application, ponder for a few moments about why you want to be a Counselor-in-Training, and potentially a member of the Camp Staff. Do you have valuable skills to offer? Are you mature enough and dedicated enough to offer cheerful service when deep inside you’d rather be in bed? Are you ready to accept responsibility for your own actions – good and bad? Think about it! If you are ready to be a Counselor-in-Training, please submit this form as soon as possible, along with your payment.

2014 CIT Application