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Pinewood Derby Time is Here!

Does your local council or district have special Pinewood Derby rules and regulations? If so, you should adopt those same rules for your pack’s Pinewood Derby. Following the racing rule book ensures a level race field for all Scouts. Follow the above link for a complete set of rules!

How does two-deep leadership apply when driving to Scouting events?

The BSA’s top-notch Youth Protection training includes a number of Barriers to Abuse. These policies, which you can review here, provide additional safety for your child and all who are involved in Scouting. One of these policies is two-deep leadership, which says: “At minimum, two registered adult leaders, or one registered leader and a participating Scout’s parent…

New BSA Uniforms Website

For new Scouting families, it’s the perfect place to start. Not only does answer all your uniform questions before you shop, but you’re just in time to enjoy the site’s new 2015 redesign! It’s a fun way to find out exactly what any Scout’s uniform requires-and have some fun while you’re learning.

How boys earn adventure loops and pins in new Cub Scout program

Adventures form the backbone of the new Cub Scout program. They’re fun, engaging and offer the right amount of challenge for boys as they grow up. After a boy completes an adventure, he gets the ultimate reward: a shiny adventure loop for his belt or adventure pin for his Webelos colors or Webelos cap. The loops and pins offer immediate…

Making a scout visit part of your foreign vacation

<CLICK on the TITLE for full article> I recently took my family on an overseas trip.  As part of this once in a lifetime vacation, we planned to visit scout offices with our sons.  If you are visiting a nation’s capital or other large city, the odds are that there is a scout facility you…

Portsmouth Customer Service Job Opening

The Portsmouth Service Center has an opening for a Customer Service Representative. The Hours are Tuesday – Friday from 2-7 PM. For more information contact Jay Lockard, District Director, at 740-772-6887, or email a resume to to schedule an interview.

Why you don’t say someone was an Eagle Scout

You earn the BSA’s Eagle Scout award as a youth (unless you earned it before 1965), but the title stays with you throughout your life. That’s why you never say “I was an Eagle Scout.” You always say “I am an Eagle Scout.” The tense makes sense. Earning the BSA’s top honor makes you a marked man for the…