Information for Parents and Leaders

What parents and leaders should know about Day Camp

nationalcampschoolEach camp is under the direction of a volunteer camp director and program director trained at the Boy Scouts of America National Camping School. A pre-camp and an on-site visitation by a trained day camp accreditation team certifies each day camp has complied with the national Boy Scouts of America day camp standards. There is a trained and certified supervisor for all aquatics activities and all shooting sports ranges are under the supervision of staff with hours of training and experience in their field. Safety is the number one priority at day camp followed by fun and adventure. In addition, each camp has onsite a certified health safety officer and all camp staff participate in day camp staff training and youth protection training.

Den assignments at camp

New Tiger Cubs (boys that have just completed kindergarten) are required to have a parent or guardian in attendance.

Campers will be assigned to either Cub Scout (Tigers, Wolves and Bears) or Webelos dens based on their rank and pack.  Effort will be taken to keep Tigers, Wolves, Bears and Webelos from the same pack together.  It is quite possible that multiple packs may be assigned to the same Cub Scout or Webelos den.  Cub Scout and Webelos dens will participate in separate programs although some activities may be the same, such as shooting sports.  The Webelos program is designed to be more challenging for the campers and expand on the skills they’ve already learned as Cub Scouts.

 T-shirts and patches

waving fists csCub Scouts receive a day camp shirt included in their registration fees. Pre-registered den walkers will also receive a t-shirt.  At the end of camp, each participant will also receive an official day camp patch.

Simon Kenton Council day camp refund policy

30 Days prior is full refund. Anything between 2 weeks and 30 days is 50% refund. Within 2 weeks of the event refund is at the discretion of the Camp Director or staff adviser. Usually only granted in cases of emergency. Unless otherwise stated.

Safe transportation to and from camp

When transporting scouts to camp, make sure the rules published in the Guide to Safe Scouting are followed.  (An online version can be found at www.scouting.orgExternal Link.)

Most packs carpool to transport Scouts to camp.  It is imperative that each vehicle is safe, carries insurance (state requirements) and is operated safely.  Be sure anyone taking your child in and out of camp is listed on the Camper Release Form.

Check-in procedures

Each morning scouts will be checked in.  If your child will not be at camp on a day that they are registered to be there, notify a unit leader or den walker so they can communicate this to camp staff.

Check-out procedures

When signing your scout out of camp, the scout will only be released to the people listed on the Camper Release Form.  Campers leaving camp before dismissal must be checked out at the registration area.  Any camper that is not properly checked out will be treated as a missing camper and missing camper procedures will go into effect until the Camp Director can verify where the camper is.  This process is necessary to ensure the safety of each child attending camp.

 What to bring to camp

  • Day pack to hold personal gear
  • Lunch with name on container (no refrigeration is available)
  • Closed toed shoes
  • Rain gear (dress appropriately for the weather)
  • Water bottle (freeze ahead for cold water all day)
  • Sunscreen and non-aerosol insect repellent
  • Swim suit, towel and bag for wet clothes
  • Money for trading post items

Please mark all items with scout’s name & pack number

What not to bring to camp
  • Knives, firearms, tobacco products, drugs or alcohol
  • Valuable that may get lost or broken
Unit day camp leadership (den walkers)

Every pack is required to provide its own day camp leadership while at camp.  One leader is required for every 5 youth in camp with a minimum of 2 leaders.  (Example: 11 youth require 3 leaders). The pack’s leadership will be divided between the Cub Scout and Webelos dens.

Pack leaders must:

  • Serve as leadership within assigned dens during camp.
  • Ensure buddy system is used while in camp.
  • Assure dens stay together as they travel from one station to another.
  • Maintain discipline.  Address any health and safety concerns.
  • Assist camp staff as needed.


ScoutShopEach day camp will have a trading post, stocked full of many scout shop items, as well as a variety of affordable snacks and drinks. Boys love visiting the trading post! Prices are rounded to the nearest quarter and cash, checks and credit cards are accepted.