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This discussion forum is being provided by the Simon Kenton Council as an additional means of supporting your efforts as a Cub Scout parent. Here you can share your family’s scouting experience, ask questions, and benefit from the comments that others have shared. An experienced scouter has agreed to moderate this forum, ensuring that the information you receive is as accurate and helpful as we can provide.

Also, some basic information has been provided to start the discussion going. Plenty good ideas can also be found on the Internet and in scout manuals for sale at the Simon Kenton Council Scout Shop (Address: 807 Kinnear Rd. Columbus, OH 43212; Phone: 614-436-7200).

Note: this forum is organized around the each scouting “Adventure”, which is essentially a package of related activities. Your son will participate in these Adventures during the year. Upon completion he will earn advancement to the next Rank. The Ranks in Cub Scouting are: Lion, Bobcat, Tiger, Wolf, Bear, Webelos, and Arrow of Light.



If you have general comments or questions about the Tiger Rank, then this thread is the perfect place. Otherwise, if you wish to share something related to one of the specific Tiger Adventures, please do so under the associated discussion thread, below.

Planning the Year: Here Are Tiger Adventures

1. Complete each of the six Tiger required adventures with your den or family (click on the links below for discussion boards on each of these adventures): a. My Tiger Jungle b. Games Tigers Play c. Tiger Circles: Duty to God d. Team Tiger e. Tiger Bites f. Tigers in the Wild 2. In addition…

Questions & Additional Resources

There are many excellent tips and resources to be found on Scouting websites and social media. Here is a link to Tiger tips and resources from a practically helpful site: You can also ask questions in the comments below!

Wolf Leaders
Bear Leaders
Webelos Leaders