Updated Popcorn Info!

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Commit your Pack/Troop/Crew to sell popcorn:  The first step to ensuring a successful sale is to “Commit to the Sale”.  Each unit Popcorn Kernel should click on this link and follow the easy directions. After you fill this out, you will receive an auto-generated email from our popcorn vendor with all of the links you will need to place your order, track your sale and sign a scout up for online selling.


RSVP to Local Trainings : Your next step is to RSVP to a local training session. Follow this link. Attending a training is vital and required! Filling this form out lets us know how much sales materials to bring to each session.


Commit to join the SKC Warehouse Team: We are actively recruiting members for our new “SKC Warehouse Staff” team. Click on this link if you are interested in working a few shifts at our Metro Columbus warehouse during the sale. Those who commit to work three shifts (no, the schedule is not yet out. Soon, though) will receive an awesome, HIGHLY collectible SKC Warehouse Staff t-shirt. How cool!!


Sorry you have to fill out a few forms, but they are pretty quick!


Author: SKC Marketing