A certified Merit Badge Counselor on staff at CrossFit Westerville will help Boy Scouts obtain their Eagle-required Personal Fitness Merit Badge.

  • Challenging 12-week program is designed to facilitate the physical fitness testing and education required to complete this merit badge.
  • Every two weeks, scouts will complete the prescribed physical fitness testing and track improvement.
  • Each session also includes a workout, in addition to the testing.
  • Classes are conducted on Sunday afternoons starting at 1:30 PM.

New class begins the first Sunday of every month. Please register before attending the class! Additional details on the program will be emailed to you once you sign up for a session!

More details and registration are on CrossFit Westerville website.  CrossFit Flyer



This post does not constitute recommendation or endorsement of any business. Contact scouting district executive if your business would like to support local scouts.

Interested in becoming a merit badge counselor? Contact scouting district executive to learn more about required certification, fill out application and background check forms.


Author: Pavel Belov