Earn Your Money$mart Patch

MoneySmart Patch

Thanks to the generous support of PNC, Cub Scouts can earn the PNC Money$mart patch.  Complete the requirements for your rank and fill out the attached form.  Submit to the council office and receive your cool new patch!


PNC Money$mart Patch Form


Requirement for Tiger Cubs

Elective 13:  Using US pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters, choose the correct coins to make the  following amounts: 15¢, 29¢, 35¢, 50¢,  59 ¢,60¢.

Requirements for Wolf Scouts

For Academic Pin:  Calculating Requirements

Requirement 2: Go shopping with an adult and use a calculator to add up how much the items you buy will cost. See whether your total equals the total at check out.

Requirements for Bear Scouts 

Under the Family Section:

Requirement 13: Saving Well, Spending Well

1. Set up a savings account.

2. Keep a record of how you spend money for two weeks.

3. Discuss family finances with a parent or guardian.

Requirements for Webelos Scouts 

Under the Family Section: For activity pin

Requirement 4: Make a list of some things for which your family spends money. Tell how you can help your family save money.

For mathematics academic pin

Requirement 3: Plan your own budget for thirty days. Keep track of your daily expenses for seven days.

If you have questions on how to earn your Money$mart patch, contact Deseraye Bateson