Community Partnerships

Thanks to our community partners for their support of Scouting in the Simon Kenton Council.

Boomerangs are coming back to Camp Lazarus!
Members of the US boomerang team return to Camp Lazarus through the year to teach the Scouts everything about boomerangs including the history, science, and sport of boomerangs. Your Scout will also have the opportunity to learn how to throw boomerangs. This year we will be doing initial training with very safe foam boomerangs. After mastering the foam boomerangs we will have the Scouts throw longer range plastic and wood models. We take time to teach proper foot placement and body mechanics. These skills easily translate to other sports such as football and baseball. We will also have many boomerangs for sale at discounted prices. Check out Leggacy Boomerangs at day camp, the Shoot-O-Ree and so much more!

You can see many of these boomerangs at our website;