OSU Football Ushering


Join us for the informational session on Wednesday, August 10 at 7:00pm. Find all the details here.

2016 Schedule
Sept. 3 – Bowling Green: It is Alumni Band Day.
Sept. 10 – Tulsa
Sept. 24 – Off
Oct. 1 – Rutgers
Oct. 8 – Indiana
Oct. 29 – Northwestern
Nov. 5 – Nebraska
Nov. 26 – Michigan

*Games in bold requires prior service of TWO games in the current season.
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Simon Kenton Council’s football ushering civic service project is for Boy Scout and Venturing units only (Cub Scouts and associated Packs are not permitted). This service has been in continuous service since the 1920’s.


This service project serves three purposes: (1) to be ambassadors for Scouting in a complete Class A uniform, (2) to represent Scouting and build public goodwill (3) to provide the youth for the opportunity for service hours. For these reasons, the following rules apply:


Youth Protection: Two deep BSA registered leadership is required, one of whom must be at least 21 years of age or older, are required for all Units serving as ushers. All youth protection guidelines must be followed for this service project. Leaders are responsible for supervising the youth in their unit and are required to be with their youth at all times.


All Unit members must wear a complete official Boy Scout uniform (Class A) at all times while on duty, This includes official BSA shirt, official BSA long pants or BSA shorts (if wearing shorts, official BSA socks).Ball caps are optional but must be BSA. Black or brown shoes are preferred but this service project requires long periods of standing. Venturers must wear the official green Venture Uniform shirt and grey pants. If the uniform is not complete BSA Class A then the Scout or Scouter is not admitted.


A pre uniform inspection by the unit is recommended prior to leaving for the stadium. The unit leaders are responsible for their unit being fully BSA Class A compliant. Further the unit leaders are responsible for the well being of those youths and adult who do not satisfy the Class A uniform requirement who not admitted to the stadium.


DO NOT wear any other school or professional items, especially Ohio State logo items, as you represent Scouting not a high school, college or professional team.


Other uniform requirements: 1. campaign or any other style hats are not permitted for any youth or adult, 2. Neckerchiefs or any neckwear of any kind may not be worn by adults or youth, due to safety concerns.


Unit members serving as ushers must be currently registered with the Boy Scouts of America. It is a good idea to have a current physical with you, in case emergency treatment should become necessary. Ohio State does not provide seats for the ushers so “be prepared” to stand for long periods of time.


If you are visiting from outside the Simon Kenton Council, you/your unit must complete an official Tour Plan via MyScouting.org. Your unit must have been represented at the pre-season rules meeting or have had an orientation session with the Scout Ushering coordinator or staff advisor for the Ushering program. Camping may be available at Camp Lazarus for a fee, but reservations are required.


Only unit members that are listed on the official Civic Service Roster for the game will be admitted. No walk-ins are permitted. Special restrictions apply to those games bolded above and require prior service as an usher. Any changes to the game roster must be completed by Wednesday prior to the game.


Units must enter the stadium at Gate 14 as a group, and shall arrive at the gate three (3) hours before game time. We will all be admitted as one group at the direction of OSU personnel and then subject to a uniform inspection. Those not passing the uniform inspection will not be admitted and have to leave the stadium. Once gate 14 is closed, no Boy Scout ushers may enter; no exceptions per Ohio State policy.


All ushers must provide an emergency phone number at the time of registration.


Parking is the responsibility of the unit. Neither Ohio State nor the Simon Kenton Council provides parking. However, parking is available for $15 at the Simon Kenton Office 807 Kinnear Rd Columbus, OH 43212


A Unit representative must report promptly to the pre-game ushers briefing – this particularly important to first time ushers. They will receive further instructions there.


Unit members will accept the ushering assignment that they are given, and will remain in their assigned aisle until the completion of the pre-game flag raising and the playing of the National Anthem.


Unit members will give service to all patrons in their assigned aisle, as directed by portal chief & ushering staff at the Ohio stadium, helping them find their proper seats, take group photos etc.


Unit members may bring a sandwich and water bottle, no glass or cans are allowed. Snacks may be carried in a waist-pack, or slim nylon bag. NO BACK PACKS are permitted. Plastic bags or shopping bags may not be used for this purpose. Security staff will check what the ushers bring to the stadium.


No cameras with attached lenses permitted. Umbrellas are not permitted inside the stadium. Bring a poncho or raincoat if needed. BSA rain gear or red, tan or forest green or clear color ponchos or rain coats are preferred.


Participants may not eat, drink anything other than water nor use electronic devices including cell phones while on duty.


During the game, unit members will stand in the area designated by the university’s ushering staff. Scouts and leaders should expect to stand for the majority of their time at this service project. No seats are provided by Ohio State.



Only fifty (50) total youth and adults may serve at any one game. *Eligibility for the Michigan game requires prior service of TWO games in the current season.


No shows: If you register to usher and a conflict comes up where you cannot attend, you must notify Mike Munsch (buckeye@catlover.com) or Liz Handler (liz.handler@scouting.org) prior to Friday night before the game. No shows will not be allowed to usher for the remainder of the season.


Cold-weather dress: Since it is always relatively much colder in the stadium than when the Scout/Venturer/Leader leaves home, be sure to dress warmly and always carry a rain coat or poncho. Winter stocking caps, gloves, thermal or insulated underwear, overshoes and heavy coat are recommended in cold weather. No BSA Class A uniform substitutions are permitted regardless of weather. You MUST look like a Scout as you represent Scouting.

OSU Ushering PhotoFrequently Asked Questions about OSU Football Ushering

Q: What is the minimum age limit to ushering?
A: Scouts must be age 12 or older, and be a registered Boy Scout or Venturer

Q: Why is a Class-A uniform required?
A: We represent Boy Scouting and need to dress the part.

Q: Why do Boy Scouts usher at Buckeye Football games?
A: Ushering is an important responsibility, because local Scouts are serving as public representatives of the Boy Scouts of America. Not only is ushering at a Buckeye Football game a unique opportunity for youth to serve the community and enjoy an experience with one of the most prestigious teams in the nation, but it is an opportunity for Scouts to be visible in the community. The positive public relations that Scouting earns by ushering at these Big 10 football games is priceless. Scouts in uniform serving as ushers demonstrate that community service remains an important component of Scouting, and that the activity remains exciting, fun and relevant for today’s youth. But the benefits go beyond Scouts in the Simon Kenton Council. Local Scouts in uniform may be seen on in national media including the Big 10 network and various print publications.

Q: How many hours in advance of game time must Scouts show up?
A: Arriving three hours prior to kick-off allows families plenty of time to safely find their way into the stadium before traffic near the stadium becomes overwhelming, and gives OSU Athletics plenty of time to properly credential Scouts to ensure that all youth are safe and in place on time.