Lion Pilot Program

The Boy Scouts of America’s pilot program
for kindergarten-age boys.





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What is the Lion Pilot Program?

This is a Boy Scouts of America pilot being tested this year in Councils across the country, including ours.

The Lion Pilot Program – launched in select Cub Scout Packs across the Simon Kenton Council in the Fall of 2016!

The Lion Pilot Program was developed by the BSA to provide kindergarten-age boys with a Scouting experience that is suitable to their age, skills and experience levels.  Kindergarten is a time where doors are opening – going to a school, perhaps getting on the bus, building strong foundations that will carry on through school careers.  It’s also a time where families are exploring options when it comes to engaging their children in the community.

The Lion Pilot Program…
  • IS an introduction to Cub Scouts
  • IS for Kindergarten Boys only
  • IS a Family shared program
  • IS NOT a Sibling program
  • IS NOT designed for other age groups, they have their own program
Need more info?
Check out the BSA’s Lion page by clicking here
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