Full Family Scouting

Welcome to the resource page for Full Family Scouting! This page will be updated with materials and information to help guide packs who wish to be early adopters into the Full Family Scouting Program.

Join the SKC Family Scouting Discussion Group to get questions answered, resources and tips, and to use as another means of support as we adopt the full family Scouting program.

Requirements to Participate

Click here to view the requirements to participate in the early adopter program. Please note, this is an accelerated, optional program for packs who prefer not to wait until the fall. It is important that your pack get started right away if you would like to participate in this soft launch opportunity.

If your pack would like to begin welcoming girls to Cub Scouting now, please follow these important steps and deadlines in order to help ensure adherence to the rigorous schedule, which will help to ensure a strong positive experience for our newest members.

  • Meet with your Chartered Organization to review options for the inclusion of girls in an existing pack or the creation of a new pack for girls and receive their commitment and approval to move ahead.
  • Meet with your pack committee to discuss the program requirements as laid out by the National Council and make plans to implement the requirements as soon as possible.
  • Complete your Pack Commitment Form, complete with appropriate Chartered Organization and Pack Committee signatures. Return it to Allison Cramer at Allison.Cramer@Scouting.org by January 31, 2018 to be forwarded to your district Key 3 for their review and approval. You will be notified as soon your request has been approved.

Your district leadership team is ready to assist in meeting with you and your chartered organization, should you wish to have a discussion or address questions that may arise. The Simon Kenton Council staff can help direct you to the appropriate volunteer for questions about recruitment, training and program planning.

Thank you for your commitment to our movement and all you do for Scouting!