Summer Fun- Safety Tips

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Warm weather, longer days, and school is out. These can only mean one thing: summer fun is on its way! Before your children run out the door, we wanted to share some safety tips* to keep everyone safe, healthy, and happy this summer. For exciting summer camp information, check out this link. Here are some basic reminders because we know some of us are still shaking off the weight of the winter’s snow.

Regardless of skin tone, everyone should apply at least a SPF 15 sunscreen 30 minutes prior to going outside. Sunscreen should be reapplied after swimming or any strenuous outdoor activity.

-Proper Attire
Be sure to dress in lightweight, light-colored, breathable fabric and wear a microfiber or polyester hat and sunglasses.

If you attend any Simon Kenton Council summer camp, you will hear this word many, many times every single day. Staying hydrated during the summer heat is one of the most important ways to keep your body safe. We even include color charts in the camp restrooms as a good reference to see how hydrated you are.

-First Aid Kit
Always keep at least a small first aid kit around for emergencies, including an epi-pen (given to your camp nurse if at summer camps). A kit should at least include some basics such as band-aides, ointments, tweezers, breakable ice pack, and antibiotic cream to name a few.

-Water Safety
Always supervise youth in or around the water (even small depths). Learn and teach CPR from a certified trainer. Teach yourself and children how to properly swim. Wear a properly fitted life jacket when on the water.

-Beware of Bugs
Although bug bites create only a minor nuisance for most situations, some instances can create serious trouble. Be prepared with appropriate bug spray and re-apply as directed on the instructions. Wear light colored pants, high socks and boots when hiking to avoid ticks or see them better if they get on you. Be aware of allergies such as serious allergic reactions to bees.

-Cyber Smart
Not every day is a gorgeous day which means the probability of more computer time also goes up during summer. Be alert to what sites your children are going to and educate them on how to be safe online. Protect and teach your children about cyber bullying.

-Home Safety
Now is a great time to go over fire escape plans with everyone in your home. Wear the proper protective gear appropriate for the activity, for example always wear a helmet when cycling.

Summer is a great time to enjoy the outdoors and we hope you and your family take every opportunity you can to spend more time together, get out into nature and even work on a merit badge, belt loop, pin or rank advancement together. Wherever this summer takes you, we hope everyone stays safe and has a happy, enjoyable season!

*Please note these are suggested tips not provided by a physician nor should be considered to be the only information necessary to stay safe. If you are unsure, please consult your doctor or appropriate professional.

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