Games Tigers Play

Here are the requirements for this set of activities.  Your leader guide and the scout booklet (available at the Scout Shop) have additional information.  Share your own experience with this activity.  What worked?  What would you do differently? Adventure Goal: Young Tigers can have a difficult time with competition, and winning and losing. This adventure…

Planning the Year: Here Are Tiger Adventures

1. Complete each of the six Tiger required adventures with your den or family (click on the links below for discussion boards on each of these adventures): a. My Tiger Jungle b. Games Tigers Play c. Tiger Circles: Duty to God d. Team Tiger e. Tiger Bites f. Tigers in the Wild 2. In addition…

Tiger Roar Call

Attention All Tigers It’s time to get into formation and report to: The 11th Annual Official “Tiger Roar Call” April 18-19th, 2015 at Camp Falling Rock