Voice of the Scout survey!

What is Voice of the Scout?VOS Image

A Scouting Survey scheduled for March 1, 2016 open for only a 2 week period. The Voice of the Scout program will capture the experiences of our members and volunteers during this 2 week period.

When will this survey be sent?

This survey will be sent via email on MARCH 1 and will stay open for 2 WEEKS closing on MARCH 14. 

Who can participate?

  • Cub Scout Parents
  • Boy Scout Parents
  • Boy Scouts (age 14 & up)
  • Chartered Organizations Youth Facing Volunteers
  • District & Council Volunteers

Why is filling out this Voice of the Scout survey important?

Filling out this survey provides feedback to the Council. This survey allows participates to, not only rate Scouting and the Council, but it also provides an opportunity for your voice to be heard. It will make Scouting in the Simon Kenton Council better! This survey is also sent to National BSA and helps the Council with our Journey to Excellence.

What does the Council do with the results of this survey?

All results of this survey are anonymous. Results of this survey are shared with staff members. This feedback will help the Council be continuously aware of what members and volunteers want, so we, at every level, can find ways to meet and exceed their expectations. The end goal is to discover what we need to do to, operationally and strategically, to make sure every unit is a great unit while maintaining the values of Scouting.

If you have any questions at all about this survey, please contact Cassie Thomas or Bruce C. Boyle.