There are two big things happening in the Cub Scout world on Wednesday and Thursday evening next week!

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  1. Wednesday Aug. 6th starting at 7PM is the official Fall Membership Recruitment training for the District.  It will be held at 975 S Sunbury Rd, Westerville, OH 43081 in the Meeting Center just north of Central College Church’s Sanctuary.
    1. This is where best practices for Fall Cub Scout recruitment is discussed.
    2. You are able to receive all the good materials that council provides in recruitment packets (see attached hilarious picture).
    3. You can submit your flyer drop, boy talk, and school sign-up night dates and get the District Executive scheduled to do your boy talk(s).


  1. Thursday Aug. 7th starting at 7PM is the official Program Roundtable Kickoff to get the scouting year started!  It will be held at 307 Huber Village Rd. Westerville, OH.  It will be a round robin style event that includes many things, not the least of which is ICE CREAM!
    1. This will be an auxiliary date to learn best practices for Cub recruitment efforts at your unit.
    2. You will receive the packets of materials that will help you lead Scouts throughout the year.
    3. A table from every supporting committee on the district committee will be there.

                                                              i.      There will be a sign-up sheet for each Cub Pack to take a month in 2015 that they will run Cub Scout Roundtable.

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