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Serving the following Counties….

  • Licking

Serving the following School Districts….

  • Granville Ex Village School District
  • Heath City School District
  • Johnstown-Monroe Local Schools
  • Lakewood Local School District
  • Licking Heights Local School District
  • Licking Valley Local School District
  • Newark City School District
  • North Fork Local School District
  • Northern Local- Thornville
  • Northridge Local School District
  • Southwest Licking Local School District


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    Judge Duke Frost District Chair
    Tom Argyle District Vice Chair
    Rich Braessler District Director
    Melissa Terry District Commissioner
    Mike Dalton Boy Scout Roundtable Commissioner
    Adam Roberts Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioner
    TJ Niedzielski Finance Chair
    TJ Niedzielski Friends of Scouting Family Campaign Chair
    George Jackson Popcorn Chair
    Vacant Program Chair
    Jim Prentice Advancement Chair
    Paul Gassman Eagle Scout Coordinator
    Vacant Activities Committee
    Roger Webb Webelos Woods Co-Chair
    Rob Pierpont Webelos Woods Co-Chair
    Grant Blasco Apple Butter Festival Chair
    Rob Pierpont Licking District Pinewood Derby Co-Chair
    Todd Kellett Licking District pinewood Derby Co-Chair
    Jason Ehret Tiger Roar Co-Chair
    Roger Webb Tiger Roar Co-Chair
    Ed Fuentes OA Advisor
    Julie Greene Day Camp Program Director
    >Kris Haley Day Camp Director
    Vacant Training Chair
    Mike Dalton Camping Chair
    Roger Webb Webmaster
    Dave Edelblute Membership Chair
    Vacant New Unit Coordinator
    Vacant Webelos to Boy Scout Transition Chair



    Cub Scout Packs (Boys grades 1-5)
    Pack 3 Richard Chubb Granville Elementary
    Pack 4 Jeff Keinath Newark –  John Clem and Hillview
    Pack 8 David Burd St. Francis deSales
    Pack 9 Melinda Coombs Heath
    Pack 13 Angela Painter Blessed Sacrament
    Pack 14 Daniel Cook Newark – Legend
    Pack 21 Ben Gauthier Southwest Licking – Pataskala
    Pack 24 Kathryn Theodoropoulos Northridge (Alexandria)
    Pack 26  Benjamin Buxton Licking Heights
    Pack 33 Christopher Reynard Lakewood
    Pack 39 Jason Angus Licking Valley
    Pack 40 Roger Webb North Fork – Newton PTO
    Pack 51 Mary Dickerson Newark Ward Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
    Pack 75 Shannon Pearson Newark – McGuffey
    Pack 100 Joshua Sarver Southwest Licking – Kirkersville
    Pack 141 Leslie Wallace Southwest Licking – Etna
    Pack 145 Eric Brown Newark – Cherry Valley
    Pack 151 Aaron Koch Mound Builders Ward of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
    Pack 226 Adam Roberts Johnstown Monroe
    Pack 321 Rob Pierpont North Fork – Utica Church of Christ
    Pack 426 Laura Pugh Northridge (Croton)
    Boy Scout Troops (Boys ages 10-17)
    Troop 2 Sam White Newark
    Troop 4 Larry Lorence Newark
    Troop 8 Aaron Van Ostran Newark
    Troop 9 David Burghy Heath
    Troop 20 Ed Wiswell Johnstown
    Troop 21 Mike Dalton Pataskala
    Troop 24 Jim Walker Alexandria
    Troop 25 Jeff Wolfe Croton
    Troop 26 Mark Johnson Summit Station
    Troop 28 Tom Sturm Utica
    Troop 33 JP Letki Jacksontown
    Troop 51 Wayne Howlett Newark Ward Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
    Troop 55 Roger Webb Highwater Church
    Troop 57 Jeff Ellis Hanover
    Troop 65 Marc Monnin Granville
    Troop 100 Grant Blasco Kirkersville
    Troop 141 Roy Niedzielsji Wagram
    Troop 151 Glenn Lamb Mound Builders Ward of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
    Troop 631 Jeff Gray Wilkins Corners
    Venture Crews (Co-ed  ages 14-20)
    Crew 17 Mat Stickles CFR Properties Committee
    Crew 51 Mark Bergstrom Newark Ward Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
    Crew 141 Steve Hildreth Wagram
    Crew 151 Abrahm McGlaughlin Mound Builders Ward of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
    Crew 2441 Chris Wiseman CFR Staff
     Full Calendar of Events
    If you want information posted in this section please send it to  Please allow 2-3 days for posting to show up in this section.  Please give complete information about the posting IE: Dates, times, Cost, Contact info, short blurb of information about what you want posted.

    Camp Falling Rock

        • Camp Clean Up:  Please do your part in cleaning up the camp or if you want to do small odd and end jobs, or you just need service hours for yourself, Pack or Troop please contact the Camp Ranger or the Campmaster for things that need done.  You can also contact the Camp Ranger prior to your visit for information of items that would be suitable for your Pack or Troop to do.  Remember the Scout way is to leave it better than you found it!
        • Rocky Fork Bridge: Work has begun on the New Rocky Fork Bridge.  Expected completion date is Spring time (best date they would give us)  Please use caution in this area if you are camping on Lower camp.  Remember construction areas are not play areas, so if you have Cubs out there be mindful or where they are at.


     Licking                                                                          r 355


    Licking Day Camp                                                                                                                              Licking District Tiger Roar