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Serving the following Counties….

  • Eastern Franklin
  • Northwestern Fairfield
  • Southeastern Franklin

Serving the following School Districts….

    • Bexley City Schools
    • Canal Winchester Local School District
    • Columbus City Schools, Southeast
    • Gahanna-Jefferson City School District
    • Groveport Madison Local School District
  • Pickerington Local School District
  • Reynoldsburg City School District
  • Whitehall City School District

Tri-Creek News

Updates to Eagle Scout forms and procedures

Link to current eagle scout application Link to Eagle Scout Workbook (pay particular attention to instructions) Scouts will no longer be requesting Letters of Recommendation. Starting May 1, 2017, this will be done by the person who approves the Eagle Scout Service projects. The following guidelines will be observed: • Within one month of approval…


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The Purpose of the Roundtable

1. To provide the skill to do— techniques, information, program ideas—the know-how that makes for successful unit operation.

2. To provide unit leadership with the will to do—the morale, enthusiasm, inspiration, and vision that periodically renew the

desire to serve youth.

Who attends Roundtable?

They are designed for all unit leaders.

1. Cub Scout leader roundtables are for Cubmasters, den leaders, Webelos den leaders, all assistants, and pack committee members.

2. Boy Scout leader roundtables are for Scoutmasters, assistant Scoutmasters, and troop committee members.

3. Varsity leader huddles are for Varsity Scout Coaches and other team leaders.

4. Venturing forums are for adult crew leaders. On occasion, youth officers should attend also.

Roundtable Dates


Roundtable Date Big Rock Cub Breakout Scout Breakout
1/2/2018 Town Hall
2/6/2018 TBD TBD TBD
3/6/2018 TBD TBD TBD
4/3/2018 TBD TBD TBD
5/1/2018 TBD TBD TBD
6/5/2018 TBD TBD TBD
7/3/2018 No Meeting
8/7/2018 TBD TBD TBD
9/4/2018 TBD TBD TBD
10/2/2018 TBD TBD TBD
11/6/2018 TBD TBD TBD
12/4/2018 TBD TBD TBD

7:00 pm at Bishop Hartley High School– 1285 Zettler Road, Columbus, Ohio 43227

    Name Position
    Lois Griffin District Chair
    Joe Faga District Commissioner
    Bill Locke District Executive
    Vacant Vice Chair of Finance
    Tom Liszkay Family Friends of Scouting Chair
    Vacant Community Chair
     Vacant District Popcorn Kernels
    Doug Snyder Vice Chair of District Programs
    Vacant Camping Chair
    Steve Bratton Order of the Arrow Advisor
    Julie Greene Day Camp Director
    Doug Snyder Activities Chair
    Doug Snyder Spring Camporee
    Doug Snyder Fall Camporee
    Jennifer DiGiovanni Training Chair
    Vacant Cub Scout Training Chair
    Patty Hisey Venturing Training
    Bob Mauger Advancement Chair
    Vacant Boy Scout Advancement
    Stacy Cochran Merit Badge Counselor Coordinator
    Vacant Cub Scout Advancement
    Bob Mauger
    Jason Knight
    Primary contact for Troops: 26, 71, 103, 181, 256, 301, 469, 793, and 1147
    Patti Kelley
    614-604-8763 (h),
    614-946-8108 (c – text ok)
    Primary contact for Troops: 98, 166, 317, 603, 778, 799, 861, and 898
    Roger Kanke
    614-312-2471 (c)
    Primary contact for Troops: 68, 279, 316, 366, 622. 766, 826, and 866
    John Showman Membership Chair
    Vacant Webelos Transition
    Patty Hisey Venturing Chair
    Vacant Assistant District Commissioner-Pickerington
    Vacant Assistant District Commissioner-Reynoldsburg
    Vacant Assistant District Commissioner-Bexley/Whitehall
    Vacant Assistant District Commissioner-Canal Winchester/Groveport
    Terry Holdren Assistant District Commissioner-Gahanna
    Scott Sampson Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioner
    Tom Liszkay Boy Scout Roundtable Commissioner
    Jeff Caffee Unit Commissioner
    Vacant Unit Commissioner
    Jennifer DiGiovanni Unit Commissioner
    Julie Greene Unit Commissioner
    James Starrett Unit Commissioner
    Vacant Unit Commissioner
    Vacant Unit Commissioner
    Vacant Unit Commissioner
    Vacant Unit Commissioner

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    Community Unit Charter Organization Leader Phone
    Bexley Pack 166 Bexley United Methodist Church Stephen Benjamin Winer
    Bexley Pack 220 Christ Lutheran Church David Schworm (614) 338-8095
    Bexley Pack 603 Saint Catherine Of Siena Christopher E Daly (614) 537-0576
    Bexley Troop 166 Bexley United Methodist Church Randall Dupler (614) 328-2144
    Bexley Troop 603 St Catharine Of Siena William Robert Zorns (614) 257-1926
    Blacklick Pack 775 Blacklick Elementary Pride Partners PTO Christopher Charles Clark (614) 475-0237
    Blacklick Troop 775 Eastpointe Christian Church Heath Bair (440) 289-9820
    Brice Pack 316 Brice United Methodist Church Karen Greuey (614) 286-1104
    Brice Troop 316 Brice United Methodist Church Thomas McInnerney (614) 863-5221
    Canal Winchester Pack 103 Canal Winchester Lions Club Douglas Robert Snyder (614) 778-9223
    Canal Winchester Troop 103 Canal Winchester Lions Club Douglas Robert Snyder (614) 778-9223
    Canal Winchester Troop 301 All-Star Brass Band Eric Ward Aho (614) 833-9795
    Gahanna Pack 98 Stonybrook United Methodist Church Scott Sampson (614) 284-7077
    Gahanna Pack 317 Saint Matthew Apostle Catholic Church Jennifer Elaine Digiovanni (614) 738-0450
    Gahanna Pack 776 Mifflin Presbyterian Church Matthew Joseph Yost (419) 610-3774
    Gahanna Pack 778 Gahanna Community Theatre Kathy Diane Gorski Vansach (614) 269-8719
    Gahanna Pack 898 Peace Lutheran Church Sarah Blasi (614) 245-1156
    Gahanna Troop 98 Stonybrook United Methodist Church Robert Ward (614) 475-7078
    Gahanna Troop 317 Saint Matthew Apostle Catholic Church Michael Swaney (614) 558-7620
    Gahanna Troop 778 Gahanna Community Theatre David Burnham (614) 257-9422
    Gahanna Troop 898 Peace Lutheran Church Gary Beckmann (740) 964-0142
    Groveport Pack 71 Groveport United Methodist Church Kevin Cook (614) 282-9405
    Groveport Pack 802 Asbury South United Methodist Church Chauncey Tyler Morey (614) 975-7931
    Groveport Troop 71 Groveport Lions Club Timothy Jay Groves (510) 326-5398
    Groveport Troop 622 Independent Order Of Foresters Branch William Slade (614) 783-7807
    Groveport Crew 802 Asbury South United Methodist Church Karen  Kanke (614) 833-0988
    LDS Pack 366 LDS Reynoldsburg Ward Linda Sue Cline (614) 353-4080
    LDS Pack 469 LDS Pickerington 2nd Ward Michael Wayne Storts (614) 354-2122
    LDS Pack 766 LDS Gahanna Ward Cols South Stake Mark Rogers (614) 428-7049
    LDS Pack 793 LDS Canal Winchester Justin Matthew Wagner (419) 618-2580
    LDS Pack 866 LDS Pickerington Ward Reynoldsburg Wallace Crandall (614) 577-1753
    LDS Troop 366 LDS Reynoldsburg Ward Michael Troy Bailey (614) 552-3921
    LDS Troop 469 LDS Pickerington 2nd Ward Tyler Jay Seaver (614) 863-8636
    LDS Troop 766 LDS Gahanna Ward Cols South Stake Mark Kevin Rogers (614) 428-7049
    LDS Troop 793 LDS Canal Winchester Troy Willis Thornton (702) 279-1000
    LDS Troop 799 LDS Big Walnut Creek Brian Scott Davis (661) 808-7561
    LDS Troop 866 LDS Pickerington Ward Reynoldsburg Adam Philpott (740) 397-2731
    Pickerington Pack 26 Fairfield Elementary School PTO Josh Mann (614) 375-3741
    Pickerington Pack 51 Prince Of Peace Presbyterian Church Eric Richardson (614) 834-0586
    Pickerington Pack 182 American Legion Post 283 David Stewart Akers (304) 721-2325
    Pickerington Pack 183 Toll Gate Elementary PTO Todd Armen
    (614) 326-3123
    Pickerington Pack 256 Peace United Methodist Church Lee Meyer (614) 920-2927
    Pickerington Pack 399 St Andrews Episcopal Church Jeff Vandenbark (614) 397-4637
    Pickerington Pack 1147 Tussing Elementary PTO Sara McMaken (614) 738-045
    Pickerington Troop 26 Trinity Family Life Center Russell Williamson (614) 735-2265
    Pickerington Troop 256 Pickerington Lions Club Brent Thompson (614) 856-9328
    Pickerington Troop 399 American Legion Post 283 Bart Krieger (740) 927-6835
    Pickerington Troop 1147 St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish John Segelken (614) 833-6587
    Pickerington Crew 256 Pickerington Lions Club Jeffrey Eugene Ross (614) 519-9244
    Reynoldsburg Pack 68 Parkview Presbyterian Church Buddy Burke (330) 949-9689
    Reynoldsburg Pack 277 Messiah Lutheran Church Andrea Noel McIntyre (614) 861-2089
    Reynoldsburg Pack 279 Church of the Redeemer Mary Morrow (614) 962-0411
    Reynoldsburg Pack 326 Knights Of Columbus #5253 Michael Barnhart (614) 866-6724
    Reynoldsburg Troop 68 Parkview Presbyterian Church David Bernier (614) 367-9528
    Reynoldsburg Troop 277 Church of the Redeemer Lawrence Terry Roth Jr (614) 301-5053
    Reynoldsburg Troop 279 Fraternal Order of Eagles Big Walnut 3261 Justin Sayre (740) 919-0788
    Reynoldsburg Troop 826 Reynoldsburg VFW Post 9473 Christopher Strefelt (614) 501-3716
    Reynoldsburg Crew 279 Fraternal Order of Eagles Big Walnut 3261 Jeff Hunneshagen (614) 236-1524
    Whitehall Pack 124 Faith Lutheran Church James Stocksdale (614) 235-4344
    Whitehall Troop 861 Whitehall Church Of The Nazarene Richard Ewing (614) 905-3690

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