Friends of Scouting

Greetings Friends of Scouting Team!

We’ve had several highlights in our quest to raise $450,000 for local Scouting programs over the past week. I’d like to share one:

Our career education- based program, “Exploring” conducted its first presentation last week which yielded $480. While this amount might seem insignificant when staring down a $450,000 goal, I assure you it’s not. There has been little history in raising “family campaign” dollars in our Exploring program. That has now changed. The result might seem modest, but this represents great progress in spreading our message. Well done to Scott Brown and the entire Exploring team!

Let’s look at the “Big Picture”

As a group, we’ve raised $304,000. That is just shy of 68% of our total goal. 273 total presentations have been conducted and we have 409 scheduled. That leaves us with 136 presentations to go.

This means there are still:

Plenty of opportunities to spread the Scouting message.

Plenty of families to ask to support local youth development and leadership training.

Plenty of time to tell your Scouting story and explain to others why you give.

Now some housekeeping:

Our next campaign report meeting will be Thursday, May 11th at 6:30PM at the Leadership Development Center (807 Kinnear Road). Please coordinate with your Chairperson and District Executive who will be representing your district. One key volunteer per district would be great.

Dinner will be provided. Please RSVP here.

Thanks to all and lets have another productive week!

If you have questions/comments please reach out to TJ -SKC Family FOS Chairman- ( or Marshall Long (


2017 Friends of Scouting Pledge Card 

2017 Family Presentation Video

Considering our impact, it’s easy to understand why this friend request is so important. It takes $150 to support one Scout for a year and we need 100% participation from our Scouting families to help make this happen. What would this do for the Scouting mission? It would mean we could provide better camping facilities, more training and activities, increased Scout scholarships, and many more benefits directly impacting the lives of Scouts.

A gift to our Friends of Scouting campaign helps us provide accident and general liability insurance to our Scouts and leaders, recruitment and training materials, maintenance of our four camp properties and three Service Centers, and the delivery of quality programs at the council and district levels.

To learn more about how your unit can participate in the annual Friends of Scouting campaign, contact your district executive or family Friends of Scouting chair today!

Your support of Scouting will make a difference in the lives of thousands of young people in central and southern Ohio, and northern Kentucky.  We thank you for your support!

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