2017 Popcorn Swapping Board

Looking for popcorn? Looking to get rid of it? Looking to save yourself a trip to our warehouse on a Saturday? This is the spot to post your excess inventory, wants, needs, and desires. Connect with local packs/troops/crews to get you what you need to keep your sale moving forward. Use this as a message board so…

Welcome to the SKC Popcorn info page! Check back regularly for updates

Greetings Popcorn Leaders!

Thanks to everyone for getting Take-Orders placed on time! We are “all systems go” for distribution.

Here’s the gig:

If you are served from our Metro Columbus Warehouse (Arrowhead, Buckeye, Darby Creek, Delaware, Cap City, Ohio Valley and Tri-Creek) you have options from Wednesday 11/15 to Friday 11/17. Similar to Show and Sell Distribution, please sign-up for a time slot (and read the directions on the sign-up form!). If you can’t make your District specific day, no worries! Just sign-up for a slot that fits your schedule and we will make it work!

Help work at the warehouse during Take-Order Distribution! It’s a gas! Sign-Up here.

If you are served from one of our outlying district warehouses your pick-up schedule is here.

So, you need more ‘Corn?

Did Little Johnny turn in a sales form after the deadline? Gasp! Here’s what to do.

First, Don’t Panic!

Bring your wish list with you to Take-Order distribution. We will have some excess product available and can likely get you what you need. We will simply add those items to your invoice.

If you still have product needs after distribution, I will work with you to get you what you need. It will likely be after Thanksgiving and depending on demand we might do a final, last call, for real this time, order. Stay tuned. I will communicate this via email and website.

Random notes:

Prize orders are due no later than 12/11. You place these orders using your account on Prpopcorn.com.

The $1500 CBJ Experience will have a separate sign-up. That will be emailed out closer to the game.

Invoices will be forthcoming. They will be emailed to the registered Popcorn Kernel. Keep an eye out.

If you still need to add military donations to your invoice simply email skcswap@gmail.com. Those can be added at any time.

Thanks so much. Talk to you soon!

Address for the metro Columbus warehouse is 3001 International Street, Columbus, OH 43228

As always, let me know if you have any questions!




Making sure you have all the information you need to run a successful popcorn sale is important to us.  Let us know how we can help you.