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We are pleased to announce that once again, the Columbus Clippers have partnered with our spring recruitment campaign, Pitch Into Scouting. Pitch Into Scouting has helped recruit thousands of youth to the Scouting program and provides Scouts and their families an opportunity to enjoy an amazing event, the 18th Annual Clippers Camporee on Friday, June 16, 2017.


Click on the link below to request your Pack’s 2017 School Night Flyers:

2017 Recruitment Flyer Requests

If you have any questions about Skate into Scouting, please contact Council School Night Chairman, Heidi Snow, or your District Executive.

Four Phases of a Successful Fall Recruitment
Check out our four videos designed to help guide you through a successful fall recruitment campaign.

Chapter 1 Chapter 2


Chapter 3 Chapter 4